This spring we are working to secure the long-term financial stability of Terranu through a community of impact investors. Based on our regenerative values, a ‘community mortgage’ will allow us to bypass exorbitant interest rates that serve to increase profits for commercial banks (current offers for farm loans in Ireland are around 7-9%). Our dream is to build relationships with people who are investing not only for financial return but recognize the other forms of impact they are enabling by lending to us. Such as increased biodiversity, availability of organic food, nature connection and community cohesion.

We are looking to finance €200.000 and currently have the first €85.000 pending. An example investment would be in the range of €5.000 – €50.000 for a period of 10-20 years at an interest rate of 2-4%, or against an in-kind interest. Of course we can customize the amount, term, and interest rate as appropriate.

We feel inspired to finance Terranu in this innovative way, also as a way of prototyping community-led impact financing. In developing this strategy we have been advised by a financial consultant with >20 years of experience in financing organic farms, a lawyer in Ireland, and we have spoken to a regenerative farm in Spain that has successfully set up a similar ‘community mortgage’ last year.

By investing in Terranu your money becomes active in landscape restoration, your interest rate is higher than in your regular savings account and you become part of creating a healthy future. If you are interested to join as an investor and if you would like more information, get in touch

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