a regenerative farming, land stewardship and wild learning adventure

Ireland’s third largest river, the Blackwater, rises in the mountains east of Killarney and flows into the Celtic sea at Youghal. At Lismore Castle it is joined by the River of Jewels: Owenashad. Following the river upwards along her course is a country road, winding gently up the mountain side. Along the road the trees are majestic, the light filtering through the leafy forest, and if you look carefully you would see a Giant Sequoia, nestled on the side of Knockmealdown mountain. The landscape changes, trees giving way to rhododendrons. Where the road is enveloped by large bushes, an iron gate gives access to the view of a white cottage standing in the shade of a giant oak tree. It is here that we fell in love with the 12 hectares of grassland and forestry that holds the potential for our dream smallholding. When we stumbled upon this place in May 2022 we felt instantly that this is where we are called to become stewards of trees, soil and water. A place where we can find belonging and share it with others.

The Dream

In the future the land will house a forest learning community allowing a group of curious children to learn about all of the wonders of the natural world and how we can restore and steward the earth. People will come from near and far for retreats and workshops, learning together how to heal our relationship with nature, self and others. Engaging with the land they will have an opportunity to experience hands-on regeneration. Local farm to table meals are served from the vegetable and forest garden, and a long table is set under the branches of the great oak. The 5 hectares of monoculture sitka spruce will be transformed into a native woodland harbouring the sacred celtic trees. Among the hazels the bluebells bloom, wild blueberries and raspberries carefully present themselves. In the pasture land, chickens and sheep regenerate the soil while grazing along fruit and nut trees, all contributing to helping regenerate this special piece of land to thrive for all forms of life. A winding path gives a view down the valley before it descends to a platform by the riverside, a place to find stillness for meditation and contemplation, as well as connection through music, ceremony and dialogue.

Our Team

We are two families with each 3 children between the ages of 2 and 12 Passionate about forest – and wild schooling, land restoration and reconnecting to nature as well as regenerative agriculture, local food production, and stewarding land in a way that supports future generations.

Sarah Box

Trained Waldorf teacher, trainer in Connecting Communication and musician. Passionate about rethinking education and exploring what skills and qualities serve small humans growing up to be grounded, free thinking individuals equipped to help humanity navigate towards a peaceful and connected life on earth.

Merijn de Jong

Trained actor, carpenter, trained regenerative agriculture pioneer and musician. Ready to put his many ideas about small-scale farming to practice, designing land management systems that support health for all life.

Nakyta Grimm

Cook, gardener and apprentice in The Work that Reconnects. Passionate about creating spaces that foster connection to the earth. She loves to prepare food that inspires reciprocity and healing.

Pieter Ploeg

Process facilitator, tiny house builder and systems thinker. Has a passion for building soil, creating resilient and healthy agriculture systems and is enthusiastic to create an example of a regenerative farm that will catalyse system change.


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Terranu is based along Owenashad river: Crooked Bridge, Glenaknockaun West, Lismore, Ireland